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Lady [Reserved]

Meet Lady


This is Lady who needs a home

Can you help Lady?

Breed: Labrador

Gender: F

Age: 16 months

Here is the beautiful Lady, a young Labrador 16 months old who is looking for her forever home.

Lady would like an energetic home where she will get lots of exercise and will not be left alone for long periods.

Please ring Carol on 01287 632910 if you would like to come up and meet her.

Socks [Reserved]

Breed: Terrier

Gender: F

Age: 10

Here's Socks a sweet 10 year old terrier girl who has recently come to us for rehoming. She is a lively girl, loves her walks and also playing ball.

Socks does suffer from epilepsy for which she has medication, however she can go as much as six months in between episodes. As Socks is 10, she is a ****GOLDEN OLDIE**** and therefore will come with a Pension Plan covering all her future veterinary bills.

If you would like to come and meet this gorgeous girl, please telephone Carol on 01287 632910 or pop along to our Meet and Greet on Sundays at Old Park Farm, Guisborough 11 til 12.30.

Meet Socks

This is Socks who needs a home


Can you help Socks?