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This is Alfie

This is Alfie

We had Alfie 2 years before he passed away - he was an elderly chap rescued by Save Our Strays, he had very poor eyesight after a necessary operation to remove ulcers, yet despite this he remained independant with lots of personality and character, which meant he was very popular with all who knew him.

As his sight deteriorated he became more dependant on me - he would follow my voice whilst out for walks and would fret if he was left alone at all, so with the help of family and friends we ensured that never happened again.

Alfie was never a cuddly dog he loved to be next to me but grumbled and grunted if I tried to fuss too much with kisses and cuddles - despite this he was my constant little companion and losing him has created a huge gap in my life as i realise how much I depended on Alfie, as much as he depended on me.

Alfie is my third old dog and although it is always heartbreaking when you lose them - the rewards are beyond words :-)

Now you are over the rainbow bridge little man - run free with your sight returned and know that you were very much loved xx


George AKA Gunner

Our daughters discovered George on the SOS website. Previously we had a darling smooth haired Lurcher so we were only too well aware of a Lurcher's needs ie sleep, love, sleep, food, sleep, to run with the wind, sleep, one or two long walks and did I mention sleep.

Gunner had been in the kennels for 6 months after being rescued by SOS and was then fostered by Carole and Bill who loved him dearly and thought that he looked more like a George so he became George.

It was love at first sight and after the usual checks and mostly with the approval of Carole and Bill we became George's besotted owners.

We live near Albert Park and George very quickly became one of their regulars every morning, meeting up with all of the late Jack's friends. Marske beach was also one of his favourite places.

We became Grandparents two years ago to twins and we were slightly concerned how George would react as to quote Carole "you can tell that he is an only child". He was absolutely brilliant with them as Carole said that he would be. Last week two year old Jacob was stood cuddling George and kissing him, George's eyes were rolling as if to say "do I really have to put up with this". I only wished that I had taken a photograph of them little did I realise that time was against us.

The photograph above was last Christmas when we visited our daughter near Chester. It really was unbelievable as so many people stopped and asked us if they could stroke George. We found a dog friendly pub for lunch where George was given lots of turkey and beef treats. When we left there was a chorus of goodbyes to George.

Just after Christmas George became rather ill and the vet diagnosed kidney problems which meant that he was on a low protein diet ie milky bones instead of gravy bones. Since then he has also developed severe arthritis and the vet thought that he had other serious problems.

On Tuesday we visited the vets again and after a discussion with Helen had to make the heart breaking decision to let him be free from pain.

George brought so much into our lives and we are devastated that we had to let him go as we loved him too much to let him suffer. He asked for so little and gave so much.

Thank you SOS, Margaret, Carol, Carole and Bill.

RIP George safe in the arms of St Francis