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Meet Lola

This is Lola who needs a home


Can you help Lola?

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Gender: F

Age: 10

Lovely Lola is a Jack Russell terrier, 10 years old and is needing a new home as she is not good with small children.

She is great with people but not good with most dogs (although currently lives with a young submissive male dog) and therefore needs to be the only pet in the home. She is possessive of her owner and is jealous if attention is given to them.

She loves being with people and would love a home where she can be the centre of attention. She is very affectionate, can use a cat flap and understands a few basic commands however she is very intelligent so could be taught more. Lola has been spoilt and was allowed to sleep on her owner's bed but does have her own bed and does use it. She likes to play with toys and go for walks.

As Lola is a golden oldie Save Our Strays will provide a Pension Plan for Lola to cover all future vets bills - she is however in very good health at present. If you would like to come and meet Lola please contact Lynn on 07952 334379 to arrange an appointment. Lola is currently in a home in Saltburn


Breed: Patterdale Terrier Cross

Gender: M

Age: 6

Alfie is needing a new home. He will be six years old next month, his vaccinations are all up to date and he is microchipped. He will be neutered before he goes to a new home.

He's fine around dogs when he is out and about but needs to be an only pet as he is possessive over his toys etc. Alfie doesn't like to be on his own much and can get quite anxious. He needs to be in a home without young children.

Alfie loves his walks, going to the beach, his cuddly toys and his comfort blanket which he will sit with in his mouth for hours.

If you would like to come and meet Alfie please ring Lynn on 07952 334379. Alfie is still in a home in Middlesbrough

Meet Alfie

This is Alfie who needs a home


Can you help Alfie?