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Bruce [Reserved]

This is Bruce who needs a home

Breed: Rottweiler

Gender: M

Age: 2 1/2

This is Bruce a two and half year old rottie.

Bruce is still being assessed at the moment, but so far so good. He is a great big playful pup who doesn't realise his size or strength.

Will be available for adoption in a couple of weeks' time.

Max [Reserved]

Gender: M

Little Max enjoyed his walk today and lots of cuddles. He is still looking for a home of his own. Hope he won't have to wait long.

Max is very friendly toward people but not towards other dogs.

To meet Max please ring either Margaret on 01642 488667, Dot on 07970 184307 or Alison on 01642 279272 thank you.

This is Max who needs a home

Meet Max