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Meet Bella

This is Bella who needs a home

Can you help Bella?

Breed: Border Collie

Gender: F

Age: 5

Here’s beautiful Bella a tricolour border collie around 5 years old who has come to us as her owner sadly passed away.

Bella needs a special type of home. She is an extremely energetic dog who will chase cats sheep horses joggers cyclists etc and therefore needs experienced owners familiar with the breed who can commit to her training and who have an active lifestyle and no small children.

We are told she is fine with other dogs outside but would be better as an only dog in the home as she was quite dominant with the other dog in the household (Missy).

If you would like to come and meet Bella please ring Carol 01287 632910 Margaret 01642 488667 or Lynn 07952 334379 or pop along to our Meet and Greets Sundays 11 til 1230 at Old Park Farm Whitby Road Guisborough TS14 7DF.


Breed: German Shepherd

Gender: F

Age: 2

Flora is around two years old she is lovely, friendly, affectionate, really quick to learn and very intelligent. She loves to play with her ball and toys.

She quickly becomes attached to people and can be a little possessive with them. She is quite strong on the lead and needs a home where she will have a lot of exercise. She is not always good with other dogs and needs to be the only dog in the home.

If you would like to come and meet her, please pop along to our Meet and Greet on Sundays 11 til 1230 at Old Park Farm or telephone Carol 01287 632810 or Margaret on 01642 488667.

Meet Flora

This is Flora who needs a home


Can you help Flora?