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Photo of Bramble

Photograph in memory of Bramble
Bramble was a very special girl. Unfortunately, a stroke took her from her family and she will be deeply missed.


Date listed: 12-01-2008

Millie was found abandoned in March 2000 under a bush on Redcar Racecourse. She was dying of malnutrition and thought to be about 4 months. After months of nursing followed by lots of TLC with a foster family where my sister-in-law took me to see her. By now she was a fit, happy and healthy puppy, affectionate and intelligent as well as being very pretty. We collected Millie and I brought her home to the Wirral. When she was 2 years old, we were staying with my sister-in law in Marske when a terrier cross, Freddie who had been found straying in Redcar, was brought to the door to spend Christmas with us. Millie and Freddie became close friends and we decided to adopt Freddie too.

Millie, just 8 years, starting coughing last Christmas and after months of investigations was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in January this year. She was put peacefully to sleep with Freddie sitting beside her.

Millie had a wonderful life after such a bad start. She lived in the country with two lovely walks on the beach, the woods or parks every day. She was widely travelled including a holiday in France and went on several long distance walks, including the whole of Offa's Dyke when she was 3 years old. She reacted well to the arrival of 4 hens in her garden and became their guardian and friend. Millie gave something back with her work as a P.A.T. dog, visiting a nursing home once a week for 6 years. She was calm, amusing, patient and tolerant with the residents and was adored by all including the staff. We miss her very much as she was the life and soul of the household and Freddie is gradually coming out of weeks of depression. Millie is totally irreplaceable but Freddie is hoping to have another companion soon.

Photo of Millie

Photograph in memory of Millie