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About Save Our Strays

Save Our Strays (SOS)

Charity Registration No: 1119493

We are a small local rescue charity based in the North East of England, which is run by Margaret Young, Peter White and other members. We take the many unwanted dogs from the local dog pound and care for them until a new home can be found. All the dogs are in foster homes or boarded at private kennels.

Margaret and Peter have worked tirelessly since setting up Save Our Strays in 2002 and, together with a group of volunteers, have now rehomed many hundreds of dogs. We are all volunteers and we are passionate about our work - new faces always welcome.

S.O.S.Policy for taking in dogs

We feel that it is appropriate at this time to remind everybody what our policy is for taking dogs.

1. First and foremost dogs that are unclaimed in the local dog pound.This includes all breeds.

2. Referrals from the police or social services where the owner has died or suffered extreme illness or trauma.

3. Dogs from private homes where there is a crisis situation.


Margaret Young - Co-founder of Save Our Strays
with her dogs at a fund raising event at Pets At Home, Middlesbrough


Margaret Young with her dogs