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Need A Home

Here are the dogs we have available for re-homing. Please check back regularly as we unfortunately are always getting in new dogs. If you are interested in one of our dogs please phone Carol at the kennels on 01287 632910 to arrange a viewing appointment or alternatively pop along to our Sunday Meet and Greets at Old Park Farm Whitby Road Guisborough TS14 7DF. For further information you can telephone Lynn on 07952 334379 or Alison on 01642 279272 or Dot on 07970 184407 or email us at

Have you considered fostering?

We are looking for families willing to foster dogs on a long or short term basis. This allows many dogs to become accustomed to a home environment and get some one-to-one attention. Vets fees and food bills are covered. All we ask is for a safe and loving environment, and you willing to give the time and patience that many of our dogs need. You just have to treat them as one of the family! Foster families will need to live in a 10 mile radius of Marske.

Please contact us with any questions you have about the fostering process.

The dogs with a [Reserved] on them have been selected by a new owner and are either waiting to go or are at their new home for the period before adoption.


Meet Juke

This is Juke who needs a home

Can you help Juke?

Breed: Collie Cross

Gender: M

Age: 12

Here’s lovely golden oldie Juke.

Juke is a 12 year old collie cross who has come to us recently for rehoming. As a golden oldie he will be covered by an SOS Pension Plan.

He is a very friendly boy still with quite a lot of energy although he does have a heart murmur for which he has medication (all paid for by SOS) but it doesn’t stop him loving his walks and he is still strong on his lead. He is best as an only dog in the household.

Could you offer Juke his retirement home?  To meet Juke either pop up to our Sunday Meet and Greets at Old Park Farm 11 til 1230 or to arrange an appointment ring 
Alison on 01642 279272, Dot on 07970 184307 or Lynn 07952 334379.


Breed: Rottweiler

Gender: M

Age: 4

Leviis approximately a 4 year old Rottweiller. He has a handsome look, with a slim and very athletic body. Levi is a very powerful dog. He is in very good health all around. He came to the rescue centre with no training or discipline and was quite badly behaved. He would jump on you, bite and play tug of war with his lead, push you around.

Levi had no concept of how to interact with a human. His aggressive behaviour was only because Levi was feeling insecure, anxious, nervous and had no self-confidence at all.

But that is all in the past.

Levi has become now, a well behaved and obedient dog. He has a really good nature and doesn't show any sign of aggression. Levi is a working dog by nature and his job is to protect his people and his territory. But Levi does it in a self-controlled manner. When inside his territory, he will warn stranger by his posture and a loud bark. When you tell him that it's ok, he will back his guard down and have a sniff at the stranger. Then he will ignore that person and go doing whatever he was doing. Outside his territory, Levi knows to stay calm with people and can be easily stroked by a stranger if held by a confident handler.

I have gradually taken Levi on walks in different environments, like countryside path, street walk, shops, beach, woodland, Saltburn valley gardens.

Levi is very good on a short lead. He will from time to time pull, but when relaxed and confident, Levi will walk alongside you.

Levi is excellent on the off lead walk. He always checks on you, will come back when told to, and makes no protest what so ever to be back on the lead.

On a short lead for a street walk, Levi still pulling as he walks fast. Levi still a bit stressed on the street, but it's good stress, quite thrilling for him. All the smells, noises, proximity with people, shop entrance. He still needs to be directed and comforted.

He is good with strangers and can be stroked by them.

Levi can be easily manipulated, and physically examine by you or a vet.

Levi is good in the car, but you will need to have a guard dog installed, or a big crate for him to be transported safely. He might bark sometimes at cyclists, or pedestrian getting to close from the car.

Levi is very good with any well-behaved dogs, no matter the sizes or breed. He is happy to meet, be sniffed at by those. But Levi does not tolerate frantic misbehaving dogs. He will then start to show them his dominance by lunging and barking at them. Levi likes discipline and order, for himself, but in others as well. Levi may react the same way with people who show hyperactivity. If a member of your household is hyperactive, loud, choleric, shouting easily this will not be a good home for Levi.

Levi might not tolerate it and become stressed and feel unsecured which will set him off into bad behaviours or becoming dominant towards those persons. This can be seen in dogs in general, but Levi seems to be very strict with it.

For Levi to behave this way, he needs to have total trust and a great bond with his handler.

Levi needs and loves discipline. You will need to show him that you as well are disciplined, confident, calm and respectful towards him. Levi will see or sense any body language that you will show, and emotional state that you will be in. If you don't feel confident during the walks, Levi will get frustrated and might start to misbehave. It is therefore very important that you start slowly with anything you will do with him.

You should not assume that Levi's good behaviour is earned from the day he will join your home.

As any rescue dogs, you will need to be patient, respectful, disciplined and consistent with Levi.

It is best, but not necessary, to have experience with large dogs. I will be pleased to introduce you to Levi and walk you through how to maintain Levi's good behaviour, his personality, his need. Meanwhile, you can watch a video of his journey.

If you would like to come and meet Levi please ring Lynn 07952 334379 Alison 01642279272 or Dot 07970 184307 or pop up to our Meet and Greet Sunday’s at Old Park Farm Whitby Road Guisborough 11am til 1230.


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