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Stories from new owners

This page shows some of the may successfully re-homed dogs, which now have loving families thanks to the hard work of SOS. If you have rescued an SOS dog, we would love to hear from you and see how how they are doing. So get in touch and email us a photo.




Hi Ruby here. I came to my new Mum Jan and her children in early January, straight from being spayed. I arrived on a Tuesday therefore my nickname is Ruby Tuesday (as in the Rolling Stones song). I was spoilt rotten and I still am by my Aunty Angela and Grandma and Grandad who live over the road.

I am still a bit nervous of strange men, especially workmen in high viz jackets, and do prefer women, but soon relax when I realise they are not a threat.

I have my own corner of the sofa and my own comfy chair in the kitchen which I like to laze in whilst watching my Mum cook. I have a blanket at Grandma and Grandads house which I hop on at one end of the sofa, or sit on Grandad's knee watching TV.

I go to the beach at Redcar every morning and play catch the ball. In the afternoon I play ball again in the park. I have a boyfriend called Jackson ( also a rehomed S.O.S. dog formerly known as Sox). We look alike, and are often mistaken for a married couple. You can often find us in Kirkleatham woods, Errington woods or just playing in my garden. We rarely argue apart from the time when Jackson licked my sausage, that my mum had bought from Pets at home!

I am very loved as my Mum, Mimi, Malik and Aunty kiss me every day and tell me I'm a beautiful girl. My Grandma and Grandad tickle my tummy and feed me treats when Mum's at work. I show them how happy I am to be here by kissing them back, cuddling up to them on the sofa and smiling!

I have overheard my Mum telling everyone that I am the best family pet anyone could wish for, that I have brought so much joy to her life and that we are inseperable forever. This makes me so happy as I feel the same. Thank you S.O.S. for looking after me so well and for introducing me to my forever family.

Love Ruby xx



Hi Lucy here - Boy have I landed on all four paws!

Living in the Northumberland countryside with Gavin & Susie who are in charge. Jet, my rather large big brother who has very kindly shown me the ropes. Soxy, tabby cat extraordinaire, Gracie an extremely shy Siamese and Kofi another Siamese who has serious issues with attitude….

All of us have been rescued for various reasons and at first I was a little unsure as to how cats and dogs live harmoniously together – but it can work!

An enormous thank you to the SOS team for taking me in and especially to Margaret for introducing me to my new family.


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